8th Mining Humanistic Data Workshop

The Mining Humanistic Data Workshop (MHDW) aims to bring together interdisciplinary approaches that focus on the application of innovative as well as existing artificial intelligence, data matching, fusion and mining and knowledge discovery and management techniques to data derived from all areas of Humanistic Sciences.


4th Workshop on “5G – Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge” (5G-PINE 2019)

The 4th 5G-PINE Workshop has been established to disseminate knowledge obtained from actual EU projects as well as from any other action of EU-funded research, in the wider thematic area of “5G Innovative Activities – Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge” and with the aim of focusing on Artifical Intelligence (AI) in modern 5G telecommunications infrastructures.

5G ESSENCE Research ProgramMotivation - Topics and Application Areas - Reviewing and Submission - Organizing CommitteeProgram Committee

Emerging Trends in AI

Artificial Intelligence is in a new ‘boom’ period, with exponential growth in commercialisation of research and development, products being introduced into market with embedded A.I. as well as ‘intelligent systems’ of various types. Projections for commercial revenue from A.I. show exponential growth; such is the ubiquitous nature of A.I. in the modern world that members of the public are interacting with intelligent systems or agents every day – even though they often aren’t aware of it!

This workshop, led by Professor John MacIntyre, will consider emerging themes in A.I., covering not only the technical aspects of where A.I. is going, but the wider question of ethics, and the potential for future regulatory frameworks for the development, implementation, and operation of intelligent systems and their role in our society. The workshop format will be three short presentations by the keynote speakers, followed by an interactive panel Q&A session where the panel members and audience will engage in a lively debate on the topics discussed!
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